Best Practices: Communicating with Athletes and Planning in advance

27-Oct-2021 | 2 min read

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Athletes have busy schedules with games, practices, lifts, nutrition sessions, recovery, travel, and other responsibilities. Student-athletes are especially busy with classes, clubs, and internships added to the mix. Being respectful of their time and energy will make the endorsement relationship significantly better for both sides.

Plan Ahead

When possible, pitch a deal as far in advance as possible and include extensive detail in your brief. With a busy schedule, especially when they’re in season, it may take a few days for an athlete to read, consider, and accept an opportunity. Athletes are aware that companies they work with are an extension of their personal brand and values, so including detail of your business’ goals, values, and beliefs can help the athlete make a more informed decision.

The last thing an athlete wants is a potential partner pestering them while they are thinking the deal over or completing the task. By setting an expiration date on your pitch, it will require the athlete to accept the ask in a timely manner, and Opendorse will text a reminder about the opportunity. By setting a fulfillment date, will give the athlete a clear timeline to complete opportunities, and they will also receive timely nudges through Opendorse.

Securely Communicate

If an athlete has questions, they can chat directly with your company’s designated point of contact through Opendorse, keeping both the athlete and brand secure. Don’t be offended or hold a grudge if an athlete declines your offer. There could be a variety of reasons they feel like the deal isn’t the right fit.

Whether you represent a big corporation or a small business, athlete-driven marketing is for everyone but communication is key. Making the connection is easier than ever with Opendorse.

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